Candidate Statements will appear in alphabetical order of their surname.  The statements will appear as provided by the candidates.

Louise Belcher (Labour Party Candidate) 7 Slyne Road, Bolton le Sands, 01524 824191,

I am seeking election as one of the Bolton and Slyne ward councillors in  the local City Council elections on Thursday 2 May.

I have lived in Bolton le Sands since 2002 and before that lived in Slyne. Since moving to Bolton le Sands I have become involved in community organisations, such as Freegle, Carnforth Coke Ovens and the Village Hall committee.

Environmental issues are hugely important to me and I am secretary of Thwaite Brow Woods Conservation Group which has monthly working parties caring for our local woods.

Many people will know me as the Show Secretary of Bolton le Sands Horticultural Society. My work with the Horticultural Society involves organising the two annual flower shows and helping to run Horticultural Society events throughout the year.  I am also a member of Lancaster Green Spaces forum and I have contributed to the development of the local plan. I have tried to protect our green spaces by speaking against planning applications that impact on our communities.

I’m very much a hands-on person and when something needs doing I do not sit back. I’m often seen as the ‘go-to’ person for information and action. My driving motivation has always been to try and make a difference in the community.  If elected I will push to strengthen community voices in local planning and decision-making and will ensure that the voices in our rural communities are heard.

I believe we should prioritise spending to favour local business with high employment standards and create more local jobs. This would keep more of our money in our local community.

Keith Budden (Conservative Party Candidate) 1 Town End, Bolton le Sands, Carnforth. LA5 8JF

I have had over 30 years’ experience as a Councillor.

I am a trustee of Lancaster Charities, Bolton le Sands Pre-school and The Old Free Grammar School.

I take a keen Interest in tourism and leisure, I am also interested in the planning process and am keen to preserve the green belt through planning policy.

I believe that the extra charge for the removal of green waste should be abolished and would campaign accordingly.

Streets should be cleaned regularly and kept free of litter and dog waste. I take part in the monthly beach cleans at Hest Bank and Bolton le Sands.

If elected, I will support the residents of the ward in any way possible.

Derek Kaye (Liberal Democrat Candidate) 46 Norfolk Street, Lancaster. LA1 2BW

I write to you as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Bolton & Slyne. I have lived in the Lancaster area for the past 9 years after finishing university and moving here for a job opportunity. I am now employed as a Software Engineer for a large UK retail company.

In recent weeks, I have been speaking to so many of you on the doorstep, and there are a few common themes around what you want to talk to me about (and also what you do not want to talk about!), so I wanted to take this opportunity to outline some of our proposals. Some issues are local, such as parking, speeding, and sewer capacity from a new development – I await a response from United Utilities on this – to more city council wide issues.

A number of you have complained about the charge for green waste bins. If elected, Liberal Democrats will push for a change to the system such that the green bins will only be emptied on request, and residents will be charged per collection. This will allow those with smaller gardens to only pay for the waste that they create, saving money on the current £40 per year fee.

I was saddened to learn that after being open for just hours, the bridge on St. Michael’s Lane was again struck and damaged by a lorry. This is something that I intend to work with Lancashire County Council about, and hope to have a prohibition on HGVs using the bridge.

Malcolm Thomas (Conservative Party Candidate) 40 Manor Lane, Slyne. 01524 822471

I have been a Lancaster City Councillor since 2003 representing Slyne with Hest ward, now the Bolton and Slyne ward. I have served on the Planning, Licensing and Audit Committees  I have lived in Slyne since 1984 and am a  retired Secondary School headteacher. I am a sidesman at  St.Luke’s Church Slyne with Hest

I regularly attend the meetings of the two Parish Councils and support their work.  I have been involved in the Local District Plan and in particular the campaign to preserve the Green Belt which surrounds our two villages and ensures that they retain their distinct character.  I am an active member of Morecambe Bay Partnership and regularly help with the ‘Beach Clean’ project at Hest Bank and Morecambe Lodge.

There are many important challenges facing Lancaster City Council in the coming years which will have an impact on our community. These include the development of The Canal Quarter in Lancaster City centre, The Bailrigg Garden Village in South Lancaster and The Eden Project in Morecambe.