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Saturday  15 Sep                     Men’s Breakfast – 

Thursday 20 Sep                     Coffee Morning – Helpers required

  • Team so far:  Helen W, Andy W, Rob D, Sue D, Steph T.  More volunteers needed and if not available can you donate cakes etc to help raise funds.  £339 raised

Sunday, 30 Sept                    Harvest Festival Lunch – Jacobs Join.  Posters done.

Monday 8 Oct                        Men’s Group – “Activity Night” – Andy Williams  Old Boys School.

Saturday 13 Oct                     Men’s Breakfast – Andy Hampshire speaking “Rugby”

Saturday 13th Oct                 CWL Barn Dance – St Mary’s Church Hall

Friday 9th Nov.                     “Armistice” Commemoration in words and music.  (Margaret and Becky)

Saturday 10th Nov               Men’s Breakfast Andrew Severn speaking. “Biology of the Soul”

Monday 12th Nov                Men’s Group – Activity/speaker required.

Monday 10th Dec                Men’s Group – Annual Dinner

Saturday 15th Dec              Men’s Breakfast – Speaker required.

Parish Family Album.        Now in progress on the website (Click Here) and hard copy.  Will be updated as and when.

Other Events to be arranged:

    1. Christmas Fair: Now called Christmas Festival.  7th/9th December.
      1. Christingle Service on 7th with Christmas Festival opening afterwards.  Christmas Stalls pre-ordering and selling quality products and launch of various competitions (win a hamper etc.).  Andy and Helen to co-ordinate.
      2. Continuing into Saturday when we will run “Secret Santa” for the children.  Gift Stall. Volunteers needed.  Father Christmas will visit.
      3. Finishing Sunday 4pm.  
      4. Coffee and Teas on offer.  Cakes and volunteers needed.
      5. Cover needed whenever the church is open.  
      6. There will be a display based on Christmas Carols.  An opportunity for all organisations to raise money during the event by organising a display  (See website for details).
      7. School choir for Saturday and for school to help make Christingles (Nancy to speak to Tim).
      8. A 4 page programme for the displays to be added into the Messenger 50 additional copies to be ordered with a cover price of £2.  Current subscribers will not be asked for the additional cost


    1. Monthly Quiz Nights – Andy to speak to Blue Anchor.
    2. Monthly Dinner – to start in new year.  First proposed date: 14th January 2019.


Next Meeting: 13/14 November.