Update from Holy Trinity

Maundy Thursday 9th April

A trail of hope leading up to the church.

These are very strange times and challenge us how to be church without being able to worship in our church buildings. Gathering together is fundamental to being church and whilst churches are not going to be able to gather in person during Holy Week and Easter, we are able to gather together through using technology.  Unusual times but an opportunity to use social media as people have less to do and plenty of time with their laptops, ipads and phones.

In Bolton-le-Sands, Holy Trinity had a very successful Palm Sunday using a programme called “Zoom” which was online and interactive. People needed a meeting password to join.  We used the free version. People who took part were very complimentary preferring this as a local service to the less personal streamed services as they could see other parishioners.  We had 26 people online for 40 minutes with a very simplified morning prayer for Palm Sunday. We encouraged people to put a cross in their windows.

Each Day we have had prayers on Facebook Pray as you go for morning prayer and Evening Prayer  (follow the links to join in)

Maundy Thursday

Nancy is planning a Zoom service on Maundy Thursday at 7.30pm starting with a social (online – bring your own coffee, tea or a glass of wine) with a reading of the Last Supper from John 13, a short candle-lit vigil, followed by Compline.  We will break at 8.00pm to show our respect for the staff of the NHS by publicly joining in clapping outside our houses.

Good Friday 

On Facebook we will post a:  Way of the Cross.  We will also be asking children to post their pictures on Facebook of an Easter Garden that they have made.

Good Friday afternoon 2pm we are planning a Zoom service during which we will have a collaborative reading of The Passion.

Easter Sunday

There will be a Zoom service at 10.30am and we will post a recording of the lighting of the Paschal Candle on Facebook

You can follow this link to register for the ZOOM SERVICES.

Holy Trinity will be signposting people to the Easter services and reflections led by the Bishops of the Blackburn Diocese on the diocesan website and   Youtube channel:

We are supporting the work in the village of the Bolton le Sands Neighbourhood Watch.  If you would like to be involved caring for your local community or know of anyone who might need their help you can find all the details on their webpage here

Keep fit, keep healthy and keep your distance and have a happy and peaceful Easter.


Andy Williams – Social and Communications Co-ordinator


Thanks to Barbra Colley for a little poem, which reminds us that we are not the only ones affected….




Each morning I go out to call

Upon the goose behind the wall.

While, through the gate I try to talk,

The only thing he does is squawk.

“Keep off! Away!” he seems to say,

“I’m King here, so you cannot stay.”


Today, he only gave a cluck,

As he had company, a pair of duck.

And while she swam around his pond,

The drake stood guard and looking fond,

Both welcome to enjoy his space,

While ‘isolate’s our rule in place.


Barbara Colley          March 2020