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Buttons and Bows Lancaster UK       Newsletter 2021 January

Dear friends of Buttons and Bows,

Well, another year starts and we set off with a bang! A lockdown and uncertainty in many areas of life. Can we encourage one another to find hope and even joy in these very difficult days? May I thank those who sent messages at Christmas time to remind us of the one who came to bring to bring Salvation and redemption to mankind. They were all much appreciated.

Approximately at the end of November I heard the last piece of an interview on the TV about two pastors who were intent on giving food, clothes and care to families in difficult circumstances. Initially I thought they worked in Bolton or Blackburn but I later found it was Burnley, working as street pastors. It was last week when I started my search for them again that I came across this report. As I cannot get a link, if you Google this information into your search bar, I believe you will have the report.  Please read this account as it is both interesting and a moving story.

 Burnley’s Pastor Mick-from dangerous drug dealer to lifesaver- BBC News by Ed Thomas 18th Dec 2020. I sent an email then, spoke to Michael last night and he was delighted to hear about our work and our aims. As long-haul transport is out of the question at the moment and many places are closed down, I propose that we take any items that are finished and being stored to Burnley. There the need is great and the goods would be received with thanks. We were kindly given some money over Christmas for Buttons and Bows which I have used to buy warm vests and briefs for boys and girls up to 13 years. I have already sorted those out into small plastic bags, labelled with a small sticker so they do not have to touch them again and it is clear what is inside the bag.

So, for anyone wishing to help in yet another first for our group, this is my suggestion, so that we stay within Covid restrictions. Any items given for Burnley, please can they be put into strong black plastic bags tied up and labelled with the name and email address or telephone number; for our records. Contents, number of items etc. This is important so the less handling the better. It would be good to be contacted before any bags are brought to our home.  Tel; 01524 823928        Or email;     [email protected]

Again, to keep within regulations.

We have a bench by our back door that we will cover with a rain proof cover. Black bags labelled and tightly secured that need no further touching /sorting. Can be left there, ready to put into our car.

Any time on Monday 11th January.                   No need to knock if I know it is being delivered.

If there is a problem in getting someone to bring it to our home, if you let me know. A sealed labelled secure bag could be left on your doorstep to be collected by arrangement.

As I am sure you will understand, this is to avoid personal contact. These are very strange times. Please keep in touch even if it is only to hear a friendly voice.  Thank you for your anticipated response. I know that some have been creating beautiful garments already and that these need to be distributed quickly to children who are cold. You are wonderful ladies whose hands have been blessed. We pray as always that our gifts will bring practical love and care and some joy to the children who receive them. We long to meet again, stay safe and healthy.

All our best regards


Susan Rae

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