Church Officials
Minister:   .
Secretary:  Miss A. Shaw, 27 Whernside Road, Lancaster, LA1 2TA, Tel. 67644
Treasurer.  Mr. G. Shaw: 27 Whernside Road, Lancaster, LA1 2TA, Tel. 67644

If anyone needs a minister please contact the Church Secretary.

Things are changing

At the time of writing, we have just been told that is hoped that things will be back to near normal for Christmas.  Just when does that mean, early October?  Yes, I am being facetious about the way Christmas is forced upon us so early these days.

However, things are improving.  How pleasant it was to go to Lancaster last Saturday for some shopping.  For social distancing, the street market is in Dalton Square for the time being.

I was able to visit one of my regular stalls, not all yet being back in Lancaster.  Another thing was a complete change.  I went to a stall for a mug of coffee, the first drink I have had away from my own house since March. It was really pleasant to sit on a seat near Queen Victoria and watch other people, including families, out enjoying the fresh air.

I was reminded how often we read in the Bible of outside market places and similar, like the temple steps.  Entering Dalton Square involved a short flight of steps.

Something which has changed, for now, is having to queue outside shops and then be let in, perhaps just one at a time.

Now we just have to hope and pray that we do not go into lockdown again.

Telephone Calls

Just as a reminder, do be on the alert for scam telephone calls.  I have had a lot recently, including five in one day, all apparently from a well-known firm, but with a different number showing each time on my caller display.  Ignore the instruction to press “1”.