Church Officials

Secretary:  Miss A. Shaw, 27 Whernside Road, Lancaster, LA1 2TA.

Treasurer.  Mr. G. Shaw: 27 Whernside Road, Lancaster, LA1 2TA, Tel. 67644

If anyone needs a minister please contact the Church Secretary.

Another month has gone by, but now the restrictions are being lifted.  Yesterday, 16 June, I went on a bus for the first time since lockdown began.  It was a trip to Carnforth for some shopping.  However, even though it was a start of the change to normality, it was still very different.  I had to wear a facemask on the bus and felt that I must have looked a bit like a highway man putting up my hand to stop the bus to Carnforth.   I was the only passenger on it until Crag Bank.

On leaving the bus, I had to queue outside Booth’s.  Everybody had to use a trolley and not a basket, something I am not used to doing.  As a result, I did not realise just how much I had bought until I came to pack it in my bags, which took some doing.  I went round as instructed.  That is a new thing with shops, being told just to walk round and touch only what you want to buy.  On leaving Booths, I realised that my load was a lot bigger and heavier than usual and going for the bus was hard work.  It all felt so different from when I was in Carnforth nearly every week.

Things will never again be just the same as they were, and that, at least for a time, will include churches when they re-open.  As some of you will know, we have lost a much loved member of our congregation, Teddy, Wendy’s assistance dog.

I have had somebody telephone to ask if we are open, but do not know whom as the number was withheld.  All we can do is put our trust in the Lord and see what He wishes us to do.