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Life post lockdown is continuing with all its twists and turns.  What is there still to come?

I have recently been reminded of the hymn often known as “Lord All The World belongs to you”, this being the first line.  However, its real title is “Turning The World Upside Down”.   I think that is something which has happened to all of us in recent times.  For me, I have often been out with my dog and seen a sign “No Dogs” or “No Dogs except Guide Dogs”.  If I have been going in, I have had to tie him up whilst I went in.  However, the other day it was quite the opposite.  I was left outside, sitting on a chair, not tied up, whilst the dog went in.  It was time for Star’s annual health check-up at the Vets’.  Because of Covid restrictions, I had to stay outside, with Star being the one allowed to go inside the building.

Another thing, which I have mentioned earlier, is that we queue outside shops etc before being allowed in.

We will just have to pray that it is not too long before we get back to normal, but, even so, things will never again be just the same as they were.  Hopefully, it will all end up being for the better.

Below is Thought for the week from Rev Irene John.

Thought for the week beginning 13th September 2020

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made – Psalm 139: 13-16.

To some others, who after last week’s thought, also shared their concerns about children and youths in education within the current situation, the encouragement is that this situation won’t last forever – stay positive in the present, and hopeful for the future well-being of your family members, and of the children and youths of today. Just as the caterpillar is transformed into the lovely butterfly, something good can come out of chaos and change. In addition to her concerns, Val Gill (Hest Bank), shares a good news story of one of her grandchildren, who with the love, care and dedicated support of her mum has seen good come out of the chaos of lockdown and change. Val writes: On a positive note, we have a disabled granddaughter with learning difficulties, age nine, who has gained a great deal from the lockdown experience. Her mother took over her education and …she quickly improved in reading and number skills and in her self confidence and self-esteem … she appears to be valued and is happy.

Val’s granddaughter is a testament to the fact that something new and good can, and does, come out of challenging situations. As Christians we keep hope alive even in periods of great challenge and change, and say with the psalmist: For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Our precious lives are in the hands of the God who created us beautiful, and gave us the responsibility to take care of it, and develop it. Wherever we are, and whatever happens God knows and is with us. God will always be there for us, He notices everything about each one of us, and wants the very best for us: For you created me and shaped me, gave me live within my mother’s womb. For the wonder of who I am, I praise you: safe in your hands, all creation is made new (Bernadette Farrell, 1957).

Take care and blessings

Irene John



Sadly, there will be no services in Church until further notice.