At the March meeting of the First Tuesday Hub, we were delighted to welcome Dr Wrigley from the Ash Trees practice, and his team of health professionals. Dr Wrigley gave an excellent outline of the kind of general health issues faced by the elderly and vulnerable, and the offer of free consultations and check-ups by the health team members was taken up enthusiastically by many of those present. Ann Oliver, from Age UK Lancashire mentioned that ‘winter warmer kits’ available from Age UK for those in special need. There were also representatives from Arthritis Research, Just Company, Advocacy Focus, The Alzheimer’s Society and St John’s Hospice. Alysia Gilda led the armchair exercises as usual at the end of a very full and interesting afternoon.

The scheduled meeting for April was to be “Gardeners’ Question Time”; clearly, this will not happen now, but thanks go to the members of the Horticultural Society who had done the preparation work for this event. The First Tuesday Hub has a Facebook page – we will aim to keep people informed when we are able to start meeting again.