Dear Churches in the NW Synod

Are you passionate about the environment? Would you like to make some sort of difference to the way we treat our planet-home? Are you up for exploring how we can tread more lightly on the earth? Do you see that as something connected to following Jesus and making a Jesus-shaped difference to the world? Did you know that the 5th Mark of Mission is: ‘to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth’?

We can support you to become an Eco Church.

At the recent Synod Meeting, the North Western Synod adopted the ‘Environmental Charter’ set out below, which encourages each congregation to embrace it in all they do and agrees to bring a similar resolution to the next General Assembly for adoption by the whole United Reformed Church.

A. We believe that creation reveals the glory of God. That we are called to be stewards of God’s creation working with all people of good will to make sure that His earth remains a beautiful place full of wonder, worship, love, justice and peace by respecting the environment and all creatures.

B. We challenge ourselves to live simply and in solidarity with the poor not taking unfair amounts of the world’s resources or creating waste and pollution.

C. We commit ourselves to safeguarding life and living sustainably by taking our environmental impact fully into account.

To find out more about the ECO Church Award, visit and contact the Green Apostle Team or your Missional Discipleship Mentor. We can walk alongside you to do an Eco Church Audit in order for you to look through an Eco lens to the following aspects of being church.

  • Worship and Teaching
  • Management and Church Buildings
  • Management of Church Land
  • Community and Global Engagement
  • Lifestyle
  • Looking forward to hear from you


The Green Apostles Team


Green Apostle Team

Rev’d Kate Gray:

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