There were no baptisms or weddings in June. 

There were no funerals in church, but we hold before God and continue to pray for the relatives and friends of  Debbie Ferguson, Richard Swallow and Peggy Pie who died recently.


We remember all those departed this life whose anniversaries occur during JULY

Harry Pye

Stephen Erskine Hill

Hilda Sutton

Brian Wilson

Irene Topham

Elizabeth Esme Rambottom

Albert Leslie Thomas

Bill Aldren

Alice Isabella Whiteside

Marjorie Marian Broughton

Frank Westran

Calum Alexander Lawrie

Betty Dixon

Rita Green

Jack Sanderson

Janice Margaret Anagnostou

Frances Bowker

Cathryn Duncan

Carol Lawless

Violet Mary Moore

Eunice Langton

Agnes Margrave Exley

Frank Gregory Pinkney

Frank Gregory Thomas

Agnes Mary Butterworth

Richard Stretch

Alan Baker

Robert Henry Simpson

Simon Mark Edwards

Deidre Dunn

Keith Simpson

William Sanderson

Elizabeth Mary Gallagher

Mary Gillam