There were no baptisms or weddings during April.


We hold before God and continue to pray for the relatives and friends of  Jean May Spate, Roger Basham, Linda Kirby and Jean Woodward, who died recently, and we continue to pray for all others who have died as a result of the COVID 19 virus..


We remember all those departed this life whose anniversaries occur during MAY

Aeneas James Douglas Mackintosh

Margaret Eulalie Mackintosh

Frank Skelhorne

John Leslie Gummersall

Ian Francis Westran

Sheila Whitaker

Olga Parker

Brian Needham

Ted Ainsworth

Margaret Lily Bowker

Anne Speight

Benjamin Bean

Robert (Bob) Cunningham

John Alexander McBryde

Neville Bateman

Paul David Patterson

John Riley

Kenneth Porter

Alice Procter

Barbara Webb

Sister Mary Anthony of Hyning

Walter William Whiteside

Dave Bayfield

John H. Booth

Marian Newsham

Ronald Cowperthwaite

Mabel Dowler

Douglas Harry Farr