During March we welcomed Effie Hull, Elijah Colin Birkett, Nathaniel John Denton and Jacob James Hacking into the church with our love and prayers.


We congratulate and continue to pray for Michael Foster and Katie McKelvie who were married in March.


We hold before God and continue to pray for the relatives and friends of Madge Micklewright and Ian Gillespie who died recently.

Book of Remembrance

We remember all those departed this life whose anniversaries occur during April
William Leslie Rigg
John Mather
John Balmer
Kathleen Fielding Briggs
Stanley William Thompson
William Reginald Dent
Jessie Dent
Betty M. Walker
Morrison Sparks
Cecil Blackie
Rose Hoggarth
James Dean
Elsie Dean
Nellie Matheson
Joan Evelyn Furness
Mary Elisabeth Corlett
Bill Wilkinson
John Gee
Roger Martin
Marjorie Dugdale
John Edward Dawson
Leonard Pearce Entwistle
Iris Cowperthwaite
James Russell
Ethel Whiteside
Mary Davies
Alice Tennant
Alice Entwistle
Daniel Severn
Philip Roy Allen
Edward Hutchinson
Joan Westran
Robert Graham Bateson
Ronald Marshall
Harold James Bowker
Ellen (Nell) Parkinson
Michael John Sparks (Mike)
Robin Bernard Bamber
Bessie Carruthers
Maureen Wiles