Many of you have been regular subscribers to The Messenger for many years, and it is thanks to you that we were able to keep producing a high quality magazine for so long. Thank you for your support. Under the new arrangements, from January 2021 access to the on-line version of The Messenger will be free, so there will be no need to pay an annual subscription. However, I am aware that all our regular subscribers paid their subscription for 2020, and, because of the COVID restrictions, we were not able to provide printed copies of the magazine for most of the year. Therefore, with the support of the PCC and the Treasurer, we are offering to refund £5 of that subscription. I know that many of you subscribe to the magazine as a way of supporting the church, and if you decide not apply for the refund, that money will remain in a special account at Holy Trinity, which will be used to further develop the church’s ways of communicating with all members of our community in Bolton-le-Sands and Nether Kellet.

If you would prefer to apply for the £5 refund, please complete the details below and return the slip in a sealed envelope either :

  • To a member of the Welcome Team at a service in church;
  • By leaving it in the donations box at the back of church;
  • By post to David Bateman, 30 Slyne Road, Bolton-le-Sands, Carnforth LA5 8BG

You may also send the details by email to htmessenger@hotmail.co.uk

The deadline for refunds will be 31st January 2021. If we do not receive an application by then, we will assume that you are happy for the remainder of your 2020 subscription to be treated as a donation to Holy Trinity Church.

Thank you,

David Bateman


I would like to apply for a £5 refund of my subscription to The Messenger for 2020.

Name ____________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________


Please return by 31st January 2021.




After much consultation and planning, we have launched our own webshop.  The plan is for it to be somewhere you can buy items for church services, celebrations, and other occasions with the profits going to support the church.  We are starting with items for Christmas and Advent.  We are not yet at the stage where we can ship/post out, so all orders are “click and collect” from Holy Trinity Church.  If people can’t get out then we can deliver in the Bolton le Sands area.  So follow the link below and get shopping!



Christmas 2020 Wreath Order Form

Click on the image of a printer then select the form to print.  You only need to print the order form.

20 Printed order forms Flowers download

20 BW Printed order forms Flowers download

15th November 2020 The Link

2020 11 15 Link Sheet


Dear Friends

We are not allowed to worship together in church during this lockdown, but we are gathering together via Zoom for worship at 10.30am on Sundays (and 10am on Wednesdays).
This week is the beginning of our Diocesan “Call to Pray and Give” two weeks of prayer about whether we can give a one-off generous gift to our local church to maintain and sustain the ongoing ministry. There will be a joyful gift day on the first day back in church after lockdown (hopefully, 6th Dec) and we hope to  give thanks for the total gifts before Christmas. Please pray everyday about whether God is asking you to cheerfully make a sacrificial gift on gift day. Some people in our community are struggling from losing jobs and income so need to give less, but others may not be worse off having spent less and could generously give a one-off amount of that saving to support the cost of running church this year.
Of course Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” and it is so very true – the act of giving with big open-hearted generosity gives us a glimpse of the kingdom of heaven which joyfully overflows with generous love.
Love Nancy



Santa’s Sleigh 2020

We have considered numerous options for the Rotary Santa this year and sadly, shall not be able to do street to street visits or have static locations, due to following the Covid restrictions.

On-line interactive is however a possibility and we are progressing along this route, along with a Facebook donate button as well as asking supermarkets and other organisations to put our collection buckets at check-outs two weeks before Christmas.

These donations, as usual, going back into the local area for worthy causes, including Cancer charities and Air Ambulance.


Linda Lambson President Carnforth Rotary


The scan codes below are for our Club’s Facebook  and Web sites.





In accordance with the latest Covid restrictions, there will be no worship services in church while the current restrictions last.

The zoom services will continue at 10.30am on Sunday mornings and 10am on Wednesday mornings.

The church will be open for private prayer on Sundays and Wednesdays 10am to 4 pm.



Bolton-le-Sands Library will be closed on Thursday 5th November.

From Friday 6th November, we will be offering the following services:

  • Six of the Best collection of books at the door
  • Collection of reservations at the door
  • Return of books at the door
  • Use of computers for people who have no internet access

Our hours will be limited to:

Monday 10am – 12pm

Tuesdays Closed

Wednesday 10am – 12pm and 2pm-4pm

Thursday 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 4pm

Friday 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 4pm

Saturday 10am – 12pm

Sunday Closed

You can order a Six of the Best collection:

  • On our website lancashire.gov.uk/libraries
  • By asking staff during the hours above
  • By phoning 0300 123 6703 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

You can book a computer session:

  • By asking staff during the hours above
  • By phoning 0300 123 6703 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

You will not be charged for the late return of any items until further notice.

Please help us by renewing online or using the automated phone line 0300 123 6704.

Wherever possible, your items will be renewed to 11 January 2021. If you have items that cannot be renewed please email library@lancashire.gov.uk or phone 0300123 6703




Buttons and Bows – still working for children.

Buttons and Bows Lancaster UK Information Sheet November 2020

Here are some beautiful young ladies from one of the rural orphanages in Zambia where Paul& Winnie Banda delivered our dresses and other gifts. Ladies at the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia wearing their special blankets with pride.


Doctor Catherine Hamlin, the founder of the work, passed away this spring at the age of 96, leaving a legacy of better Obstetric care throughout the country. These ladies are given new hope and a fresh start. Their hope is to eradicate these injuries to women and girls throughout Ethiopia. The squares that are knitted are made up into large blankets which are given to the girls after surgery.

A report by Judith Watson that was published in The Lancaster Guardian. ‘Collection Day’ Buttons and Bows hosted an afternoon at Slyne with Hest Memorial Hall on October 13th. This was a successful afternoon as many supporters attended to hand in their finished handmade items which Buttons and Bows can now send on to the appropriate organisations. A large variety of items quickly appeared; hats, scarves, mittens, jumpers, blankets, patchwork quilts, toys, dresses, and shorts. Christmas shoeboxes filled with recommended items will be taken to International Aid Trust (Preston). They will be taken to Eastern Europe by truck. A first for our group this year was making drawstring bags (like a pump bag) and filling them with crayons, colouring books, warm hats, gloves and small toys. These will be distributed to refugee children in this country. A number of large blankets were received, these are sent to a Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa. A total of 18 large bags were filled by the ladies working inside the hall. Two of these were filled with blankets which will be sent to the Hospice in Moldova, two were filled with warm clothes for children which will be sent to the Jacob Centre in Moldova. Both these organisations were visited by Susan, Freda and Judith in October last year. A bag of knitted squares was shared out among a few ladies.These have now been sewn together into several blankets and will be sent with the others. Two more bags of blankets and clothes were donated the following day. Donations of cash will cover the hire of the hall, any postage costs and the cost of transporting the bags to the Goods for Good collection centre in Watford. All the ladies kept to the current restrictions, and filled the bags as items came in, the doors opened at 1pm and by 3.30pm, everything was packed up and tables sanitised. A very big thank you has to go to everyone who brought or sent their lovely handmade items, everyone will make a difference to a child or adult when they know that someone, somewhere cares about them. A thank you also goes to the whole community for their support and kindness. Thank you. A total of twenty-three bags, a box of knitting needles, one sewing machine, one overlocker, one bag of material was gifted and delivered to ‘Goods for Good’. Our first collection day was both peaceful and efficient. Our goods were delivered to Watford and were received by ‘Goods for Goods’ (Global) who will distribute them to those in need.

Rosalind Bluestone the founder of this charity wrote to us thanking everyone for the items produced, stating that together we will make a difference We will aim to have another collection day sometime in February 2021. The date will be confirmed nearer the time. The method of making and storing them at home until collection day worked well. Could we repeat that practice again?

Since our donations have been taken to Watford ‘Goods for Good’ have make a statement that because for restrictions at customs, their overseas distributions are to be suspended until further notice. However, we have been reassured that our work will be distribute correctly. International Aid Trust Warehouse at Preston is also closed for the time being, so we are unable to take our shoe boxes. They will inform us when they reopen. Our collection day was timely as we were able to complete our task before tighter controls were enforced. Covid regulation still make meeting together impossible but we do not want anyone to feel lonely or isolated. If you wish to speak with someone feel free to write an email or telephone.

Please note my new email address : susanmaryrae@gmail.com My old address will no longer reach me. Tel: 01524 823928 Once again, may I thank everyone for your ongoing support. Perhaps we are all wondering what Christmas will hold this year. Maybe because it will be simple the true meaning will be celebrated. We trust that the wonderful message of the Christmas story, peace and goodwill to all men might be shown. Can I be the first to wish you all a very Happy Christmas. Take care, keep safe with best wishes.

 Susan Rae

Thank you, Karen!


At the recent APCM we learned that Karen Hillis had decided to stand down from the PCC. Karen has given many years of service to Holy Trinity in many different capacities. A long-standing member of the PCC, Karen served for many years as Church Warden, including a number of years when she was the sole Warden. During her time as Warden, Karen played a particularly important role, along with fellow Warden Kathy Edwards, during the interregnum following Revd Gerwyn Capon’s move back to Wales, and made sure that everything carried on as normal at Holy Trinity.

When the Diocese introduced ‘Vision 26’, Karen agreed to be ‘Vision Champion’ at Holy Trinity, and she later became Deanery Co-ordinator for the Crossroads Mission Weekend in 2016, attending the Commissioning Service at Blackburn Cathedral led by Archbishop John Sentamu.  Karen organised our own response at Holy Trinity, bringing together various church groups to lay on activities over the weekend.

When Karen stood down as Warden, she continued to act as Verger, and also took on the role of Wedding Co-ordinator. Karen continued to organise rotas for cleaning and refreshment teams, and as a member of the Fabric Group, she was heavily involved in the ‘Raise The Roof, Open The Door’ Appeal, and more recently the ‘Loo and Brew’ Appeal. Karen has also worked hard to develop links with the school, and she was instrumental in introducing ‘Messy Church’ at Holy Trinity, which has proved an outstanding success.

Karen has shown tremendous dedication to Holy Trinity, and her commitment, hard work and organisational skills  will be very much missed.

So, thank you so much, Karen for everything you have done for Holy Trinity over so many years.

To recognise Karen’s outstanding contribution, the PCC presented Karen with this floral token of their thanks.