There were no baptisms or weddings in December


We hold before God and continue to pray for the relatives and friends of  Graham Titchmarsh, Sheila Foulds, David Stretch, Paul Anthony, Margaret Watson, Bertie Chamberlain and Cicely Shepherd  who died recently.


We remember all those departed this life whose anniversaries occur during JANUARY

Thomas George Broughton

Charles Seth Lloyd

Thomas James Jeremy

Collin Wright

Ron Exley

Joyce Chesworth

Pamela Moore

Frederick James Thomas

James Shaw Morris

Mary Alice Hayes

Barry Beakley

Barbara Beakley

Nellie Hutchinson

Arthur Briggs

Clara Balmer

Derek McDougall

James Cartmer Palmer

James Sanderson

Blanche Smalley

George Stackhouse

Irvin Taylor

Gordon William Mullard

Mavis Thomas

Anne Simpson

Thomas William Gardner

Margaret Bateman

John William Owen

Oliver Thomas Mapp

Violet Lloyd

Frank (Tony) Macaulay

Joe Dugdale

Doreen Holbrook

A child of God, finally laid to rest

Christina Lynch