There were no baptisms or weddings in October



We hold before God and continue to pray for the relatives and friends of  Jacqui Spence, Margaret Cottam, Geoff Woodend and Mary Stockdale who died recently.




We remember all those departed this life whose anniversaries occur during NOVEMBER

Stanley David Walker

Emily Palmer

Marjorie Harrison

Clifford Harrison

James Holden

Anne Squires

Noel Stephen Austin

Christopher Timothy Daniel Davies

Simon Peter Davies

Beatrice Margaret Broadbent

Lucy Slinger Leeming

Gea Champness

Paul Richard Sharpe

John Daniells

Margaret Theresa Burgess

Eric Chapman

William Albert Howe

Joan Pyrah

Barrie Ewbank Leeming

George Geoffrey Coward

baby William Mace

Ada Hibbert

Ronald Whitehead Thistlethwaite

Jessie E. Johnson

David Alan Tennant

John Thomas Carter

Margaret Bean

Bertha Houghton

Eric Cross

Ann Marie Coxon

Elizabeth Deacon

Victor (Vic) Thornber

Peter Morkin

Valerie Jean Gardiner

Maureen Bannister