At the recent APCM we learned that Karen Hillis had decided to stand down from the PCC. Karen has given many years of service to Holy Trinity in many different capacities. A long-standing member of the PCC, Karen served for many years as Church Warden, including a number of years when she was the sole Warden. During her time as Warden, Karen played a particularly important role, along with fellow Warden Kathy Edwards, during the interregnum following Revd Gerwyn Capon’s move back to Wales, and made sure that everything carried on as normal at Holy Trinity.

When the Diocese introduced ‘Vision 26’, Karen agreed to be ‘Vision Champion’ at Holy Trinity, and she later became Deanery Co-ordinator for the Crossroads Mission Weekend in 2016, attending the Commissioning Service at Blackburn Cathedral led by Archbishop John Sentamu.  Karen organised our own response at Holy Trinity, bringing together various church groups to lay on activities over the weekend.

When Karen stood down as Warden, she continued to act as Verger, and also took on the role of Wedding Co-ordinator. Karen continued to organise rotas for cleaning and refreshment teams, and as a member of the Fabric Group, she was heavily involved in the ‘Raise The Roof, Open The Door’ Appeal, and more recently the ‘Loo and Brew’ Appeal. Karen has also worked hard to develop links with the school, and she was instrumental in introducing ‘Messy Church’ at Holy Trinity, which has proved an outstanding success.

Karen has shown tremendous dedication to Holy Trinity, and her commitment, hard work and organisational skills  will be very much missed.

So, thank you so much, Karen for everything you have done for Holy Trinity over so many years.

To recognise Karen’s outstanding contribution, the PCC presented Karen with this floral token of their thanks.