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 This is a wonderful opportunity for the people of Bolton-le-Sands to help develop a new theatre show, working with Spot On, which they’ll then get to watch in October. It’ll be similar to when we had The Ladies That Bus perform at the library. They worked with local residents to create the show, using the stories and quotes people of Bolton-le-Sands provided as key parts of the performance.

Artist in Conversation- An Attempt to Loose Time by Miranda Prag

Bolton-le-Sands Library  Wednesday 17th August 11am-12pm

Free Event

Do you ever feel like time is passing too quickly? Or too slowly? If so we’d love to hear from you!

Miranda Prag is working on a new show about time and is looking for people to contribute to its development. ‘An Attempt to Loose Time’ is a performance about time and our differing relationships with it, and centres Miranda’s attempts to ‘give-up’ time in an effort to escape the pressures and stresses of time slots, schedules and deadlines. She is interested in the differences of time perception and the pace of life between different environments. Miranda is a solo performance maker and a canal dweller from the north-west. She explores the way our perceptions of the world and the pressure to conform to social conventions shape our experience, and playfully interrogates this using autobiography, documentary, movement, audience interaction, self-satire and irony.

She has teamed up with Spot On, who have brought many amazing performances to Bolton-le-Sands Library including; The Ladies Who Bus, Gus Glynn and The Scrooge Diaries, and would love to have a group discussion about your own relationships with time and time keeping. Her show in development will be performed at the library later in October (date to be announced).

Do come along – everyone will be very welcome.

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