We welcome babies, children and adults to be baptised; it marks the start of their journey of faith.

To organise a Christening, we like to meet with parents to talk about the promises they and the godparents will be making. This is important to help parents think about how they will keep those promises to bring up their child to be part of church and what commitment to bringing their child to church they can realistically make and what we can do to help.

We like to meet with parents on a Sunday after a church service to have some time to talk and therefore we do not book in dates online or over the phone.

For more information about baptisms, please look at churchofenglandchristenings.or

If there are strong pastoral reasons, we will always find a way to ensure that an emergency or urgent baptism can take place.

Who can be baptised at Holy Trinity Church

The normal place for baptisms is the parish church where you live, so if you live in the parish of Bolton-le-Sands or Nether Kellet, you can be baptised at Holy Trinity or St Mark’s Nether Kellet. If you live elsewhere, but have a connection to Holy Trinity Church, you can also be baptised here.

What to do to arrange a baptism at Holy Trinity Church. 

  • Please contact us to arrange a time to discuss your christening. Contact us by completing the form below with “Christening” in the subject line.
  • A date for the baptism will be agreed with you.
  • We have the possibility of a baptism during the service or, for two families, after the service at 12.15.
  • Nearer the time, volunteers from church will contact you to arrange to meet and talk about the service. This is often best done over a coffee after Sunday worship 11.45 – 12.15. This is a further opportunity to ask any questions you may have.
  • On the day of the baptism, these volunteers will be in church to welcome you and your family.

You’ll be made very welcome, and we look forward to meeting you.

We have some lovely photographs from the recent baptism of Daisy.


Get in touch today to discuss your Christening

We’d love to hear from you and will be happy to answer any questions you have. Fill out the form below and our staff will be in touch with you shortly.