Our Ministry Leaders

Rev.Peter Hamborg
Rev.Peter HamborgVicar
Mary Bunting
Mary BuntingChurch Warden
Peter John Davies
Peter John DaviesChurch Warden

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Role Name Contact
Vicar Rev.Peter Hamborg vicar@parishbls.co.uk
Church Warden Peter John Davies peterjohndavies@parishbls.co.uk
Church Warden Mary Bunting 823242
St Mark’s Officer Robert Whittaker 730362
Pastoral Contact Sue Young parishblsnews@parishbls.co.uk
Musical Director Ian Entwistle 824504
Treasurer Andy Hampshire treasurer@parishbls.co.uk
Giving Secretary David Bateman davidbateman@parishbls.co.uk
PCC Secretary Ann Basham annbasham@parishbls.co.uk
Bolton le Sands CE Primary School Headteacher Daniel Hargreaves 823606
U18s Coordinator In Vacancy parishblsnews@parishbls.co.uk
Altar Serving Contact In Vacancy parishblsnews@parishbls.co.uk
Wedding Coordinator Hazel Cooper weddings@parishbls.co.uk
Children’s Society Parish Coordinator Margaret Hutchinson 824110
MU Enrolling Member Chris Hampshire chrishampshire@parishbls.co.uk
The Messenger : Editor David Bateman davidbateman@parishbls.co.uk
Christenings Coordinator Kath Brough christenings@parishbls.co.uk
Coordinator of graveyards and family history research Rob Daunt robdaunt@parishbls.co.uk
Communications Team Leader Andy Williams parishblsnews@parishbls.co.uk
Safeguarding Contact Mary Bunting 823242
Safeguarding Contact Kath Lane kathlane@parishbls.co.uk
Parish Administrator In Vacancy parishblsnews@parishbls.co.uk
Christian Outreach Margaret Foster margaretfoster@parishbls.co.uk
Parish DBS Co-ordinator Russell Longton russelllongton@parishbls.co.uk

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