How to use an Iphone    Click HERE

How to use an Android Phone  Click Here

How to make video calls on your phone using Whatsapp:  Click Here

How to create a Gmail account:  Click Here

How to use Google Drive with an email that is not Gmail: Click Here

How to use Google Drive to store documents and photographs in The Cloud free: Click Here

Broadband Speed Test Click Here

Some useful Apps:

Are you getting the best deals for electricity, gas, broadband etc   U Switch

Do you send out parcels.  Here is an link to get cheap parcel rates:  Parcel2go

Here is a great app for your daily prayers  Pray as you go

There are other ways to help you pray on this web page on our website.  HERE

Free Virus Software:  Click Here

Free Cleaner Software.  Click Here

How to use Zoom to create meetings.  Click Here

How to “share screen” on Zoom:  Click Here

How to find your Iphone or Ipad:  Click Here

How to find my Android Phone:  Click Here

Scams and how to avoid them.  Places where you can find information


MoneySavingExpert CLICK HERE

Citizens Advice:  CLICK HERE

Scam Alert Tool CLICK HERE


Using Google Photos  CLICK HERE

Google Drive: CLICK HERE

Google Backup and Sync  CLICK HERE

Screenshots on Android and Iphone  CLICK HERE

Printing using your Android handheld device: CLICK HERE

Printing from you Iphone or Ipad:  CLICK HERE

A printer that I use: CLICK HERE

How to save money on ink for your HP printer: CLICK HERE

Videos about “dragging and dropping”: CLICK HERE

BBC Iplayer App for Iphone: CLICK HERE

BBC Iplayer App for Android: CLICK HERE

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E.Books:  Calibre   Borrowbox

Local info:

Morecambe Bay Partnership


Lancaster University

Say No to 0870

PC Tools

Live Scribe Pen

Dictate to PC (Windows 10)

Remove Hard Drive from Laptop

Factory Re-set/wipe your iphone/ipad  BE WARNED this deletes all your files.  Backup your device first.

Factory Re-set/wipe your Android device.  BE WARNED this deletes all your files. Backup your device first.

Sugru Mouldable Glue

Google PhotoScan  

Use your Iphone as a magnifying glass Click Here  

Use your Android phone to magnify Click Here

Google Sheets:  You need to create a Google account first you don’t need to use it for anything else other than Google Sheets or the other apps.

How to create a Gmail account:  Click Here

How to use Google Sheets Click Here

Workshop 10th June 2021

Firefox Web Browser HERE

Block unwanted items on your web browser HERE