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Dear Friends,

On the 29th June, I celebrate the 28th Anniversary of my Ordination at Rainford United Reformed Church within the Mersey Synod. This date was probably controlled more by the Moderator’s diary but the 29th June is the day that the Church celebrates the Apostles Peter and Paul.

My official journey with the URC began in September 1992 when I entered Northern College. We had two homes in Manchester and Manses in St Helens, Bognor Regis, Hailsham, Banstead and Morecambe. Like Paul our missionary/ministerial travelling has taken us far and wide. In all of this we have tried to be obedient to the Call of God. Unlike Paul, I have never had a Damascus Road experience. My Christian journey has been rather more pedestrian with regular church worship being part of my life since my Mum took me as a baby to church every Sunday.

Unlike Paul, I don’t see myself as one of the academic elites with a sharp and forensic intellect. I am more comfortable with the working-class background of Peter. Peter was a fisherman. I started out with an apprenticeship at Beecham Pharmaceuticals in Worthing. Understanding about God is both a hands-on endeavour and taking time for prayer, thinking and reflection.

Like Peter, I have had my fair share of mistakes but like Peter and Paul I have had moments when through the power of the Holy Spirit I have realised that a deep change was needed.

Twenty-eight years down the line I give thanks to God that the light of his love shines still on in my life. The biggest lesson I have learned in all my travelling and learning is that our humanity is important to God. All of our bodies, thoughts and experiences are important and vital to God. God cares and cherishes us all.

What has your life journey taught you about God?

Kind regards,

John Gordon

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