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Pushing a Green Agenda


At Holy Trinity we are always looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  Thanks to John and Margaret Barton and the gardening team we now have a new composting area.

We often marvel at the creativity of the flower team and the music makers in church, but equally marvellous is the new compostor created by John and Margaret and a small team of helpers.

It has been made from recycled materials to John’s own unique design and will contain much of the green waste currently taken from the graveyards, so that the resultant compost can be returned to the gardens.

Note the beautifully pleached hedge behind, and the sturdy construction which should resist any storm that may hit us in the future

Recycling the green waste in this way will also enable Holy Trinity to reduce the number of green bins it uses, which in itself will reduce the need to send our garden waste all the way to the re-cycling centre.  Now nature will do the job for us and we will have a great source of compost and mulch for the church gardens.  The addititonal benefit is that we will now be saving money.

We can therefore be doubly thankful for John and Margaret’s work.


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