Last newsletter we said that we were 2 months of finishing, however unfortunately due to some delays we have had to push the finish date back to 21st July. Which means…it’s now 2 months to finish!!

On Friday 12th May, the team hosted a lovely open house coffee morning, which was a lovely morning of coffee drinking, cake eating and chatting. It was also valuable for raising funds to go towards celebrations for the finishing of the Raise the Roof Open the Doors project.

We also have the exciting news of the new glass doors being installed in the porch of the main entrance to church. These doors are automatic, making church more accessible to the whole of the community.

We hope to do regular updates throughout the work. This will included regular Facebook posts, e-letters and monthly reports. There is also more information about the roof project on our website.

You can also see the latest time lapse videos of the work being done by clicking here.

If you have any questions please message us through the Facebook page.