The contractors Lloyd and Smith continue to make good progress with the team fully established on site. The main bulk of work which has been happening over the last few works has been done by Robinson’s Preservations Limited who have been replacing all the rotten timber in the roof. To do this they are having to use special equipment and chemicals in church during the week, therefore unfortunately we will have to close church during the week. However church will remain open for usual services and at the weekend.

New Church Opening Times:

Wednesday 10am Service

All day Saturday

All day Sunday (including 8am and 10:30am services)



Slates have been removed from the chancel, Chapel, Nave North and North Aisle South roof areas. Temporary roof coverings have been applied and the new slates have been delivered. The old slates have been sold to a local builder.


North Aisle: Sections of the ceiling plaster have been removed revealing areas of rot in the wall plate, as expected. Some sections of wood have been replaced, others have been treated with preservative, (you probably noticed the smell).

Nave: A 6 metre area of plaster has been removed revealing areas of rot in the wall plate, as expected.

Chapel: Areas of the timber in the ceiling require replacement, which has resulted in an extension to the internal scaffold in the chapel area.

We have used the opportunity provided by the scaffold to revise the lighting in the Nave area, low energy LED lamps are now installed. These lamps will reduce our lighting electric costs by a factor of 10 and require less maintenance.


Great news on the funding front, we have received a grant of £7,500 from Garfield Weston Foundation.