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Slyne with Hest Neighbourhood Plan 2023

(Courtesy of Slyne with Hest Parish Council)

Local governments are required to set aside land for the development of new houses in their area.  Lancaster City Council have a Local Plan which provides further details for Lancaster and the areas falling under its control, including Slyne with Hest.  Parish Councils were given the opportunity to produce their own Neighbourhood Plan which gives communities the opportunity to decide where new development would best be suited and what it should look like. This can be residential, commercial and even industrial.  A neighbourhood plan must be in line with the district’s Local Plan and is subject to an independent examination and community referendum. If approved, a neighbourhood plan forms part of the district’s Local Plan and it is used in helping to make decisions on future planning applications which may affect the local community.

Neighbourhood Plans are important to the local community because they offer the opportunity for local residents, who know their area well, to shape the future of developments in their local area.

A consultation period took place and the Slyne-with-Hest Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted for examination by an independent planning inspector, who has now determined that it meets criteria requirements and standards to go to local referendum.

The referendum will take place on Thursday 3 August 2023.

You can view a copy of the approved plan at

Older Neighbourhood plan documents can be viewed under

Paper copies are available to view on request – please contact the Parish Clerk on 07919 623793 or email [email protected]

Roland Stretch, Chair of Slyne-with-Hest Parish Council, said: “Over many years a dedicated group of people have worked tirelessly to develop a neighbourhood plan for Slyne-with-Hest.  Thanks to their attention to detail we have reached this point in the plan ready for Regulation 16 consultation. The parish council and the Neighbourhood Plan Committee have been mindful of the views of the community and we’re aware that we need to meet the future needs for our area.  We have consulted at every stage and feel this is the best plan for our area of Slyne-with-Hest.” 

The Parish Council would like to express its thanks to the Neighbourhood Plan Committee who have put so much time and effort into producing the Plan.

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