The Book of Remembrance is kept in Holy Trinity Church. It records the names of faithful members of the parish who have passed away. The names have been added by family and friends, with a significant date for each one, so that the person can be remembered on that anniversary each year. Each week, we remember in our prayers all those whose anniversaries fall in that particular week. The list for each month is published on this page.

Those whose anniversaries occur in FEBRUARY :

Beatrice Mary Bowker

Harold Hanson

Veronica Ellen Worley

Doris Booth Young

Pauline Margaret Wood

Kathleen Makinson

David Tofield

Edward Marcham

Malcolm Smalley

Wilfred & Muriel Cousins

Ethel Hulme

Cecil Ernest Foxcroft

Eleanor Sanderson

Anne Skene-Smith

Gertie Simpson

Mary Thistlethwaite

Betty Burrows

Bernard Nelson

baby Elizabeth Tennant

Charles Brookes Parker

James (Jim) Partington

Pat Bateson

William Hayton Whiteside

Nora Wallwork

Thomas Park Hill

Arthur Naylor

Peggy Naylor

Edith Lancaster

Gladys Cowperthwaite

Lucy Valerie Norris

John W. Earl

Robert Palmer

Martha Palmer

Marjorie Platt

Peter Coxon

Henrietta (Hetty) Sparks

Phyllis Burrow

Edith Lilian Briggs

Martha Ellen Schofield

Malcolm Howard Lindsay