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Treasurer’s Message. Tuesday 18th April.

I was privileged once again to present the Parish Accounts at the annual meeting in church last Sunday. Thank you to the thirty or so people who stayed to listen.

For those of you who weren’t there, or who want a second look, the full Annual Report can be found on the church website. Look in ‘Our Church’ – ‘Official Notices and Documents’. Paper copies are available in our two churches.

The financial section of the report gives a detailed look at where our income comes from and how it is spent. It was pleasing to be able to report that the Parish Finances were sound at the end of 2022, with all commitments met during the year. 

A most generous legacy of £30000, restricted to expenditure on the fabric of Holy Trinity, was received towards the end of the year and this removes any worries that the maintenance of the church will be a call on the General Fund. All money received by way of Planned Giving, Fundraising, Donations etc can therefore continue to  be used to fulfil the primary aims of our church, which are succinctly stated in the very first paragraph of the Annual Report:   

……..promoting in the ecclesiastical parish, the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical.

At the Annual meeting I showed my predictions for general expenditure during the coming year. The total is £103000, which is higher than the £92000 of income that will come in if our efforts in 2022 are repeated in 2023. That’s quite a substantial gap of £11000.

Those who were at the meeting will remember that we hoped to receive a Diocesan grant to reduce our Parish Share, and leave our total costs under £100000 for the year. Peter our vicar and I, together with four members of the PCC, met the Diocesan Finance team by Zoom today to discuss this request in detail.

Our request, for £6500, was fully explored for about 40 minutes and was met with understanding and thankfully, some money! However, because of a limited ‘pot’ available for such grants throughout the many deserving parishes in the Diocese , we couldn’t be given the full amount requested. We are nevertheless grateful for the grant of £3500 that was offered, and this reduces the potential shortfall to £7500 for the year.

This is not an unusual position for us to be in at the beginning of the year and the fact is that, by our own efforts, we have been able to cover similar gaps in the past. The way that we do it will be the same as well – the generous giving of money, time and expertise.

One significant way to help is to join or switch to the Parish Giving Scheme for regular monthly giving. If you are able to Gift Aid donations, we can bring forward income into 2023 and if even 75% of standing orders are switched we could receive an extra £4000 – £5000 by the end of the year.

Please ask me, David Bateman or any member of the PCC for information if you want to help.

Thank you





Andy Hampshire

Treasurer, Holy Trinity & St Mark’s

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