As a Trefoil Guild we try to take part in local activities and ’Fly the Flag’ for Guiding! At our most recent meeting we discussed our Coffee Morning, our stall at the Village Gala and an activity day for Rainbows at which we are helping. The first two enable us to do some fund raising for local charities. Our coffee morning is on 2nd April in the Community Centre, we would appreciate your support if you can spare the time!

For the rest of the evening we entertained ourselves and the theme was ‘Dialects and Sayings’. Not all of us are born and bred in this area so as well as lots of Lancashire words and sayings there were some from other Counties. We had alley, ginnel, jitty which all refer to a narrow passage way, yan, tan, tether, mether, pip (Yorkshire words for counting sheep) barm cakes (Lancashire), stotty cakes (Northumberland and Durham) and one which we all understood ‘Put wood in th’hole’. After puzzlement and hilarity over many of the words one of our members read us a poem in local dialect. It was a very entertaining evening which was made complete with a light supper and a brew!

Judith Spotswood