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Bishop Philip’s Lent Course for 2024 – ‘Journey to Freedom’ – is now available via multiple sources, including the new app.  Let’s take a closer look at the course; there are two elements to it:

  • The videos. There are five of these, each 15-20 minutes long. They can be seen on our Diocesan YouTube channel; via the Diocesan website and available to watch via the app.
  • The guidance notes; these are available NOW on the Diocesan website and also on the app.

Watch this video trailer for the Lent Course.

The ‘Journey to Freedom’ course is five sessions and the themes of each are: Slavery (The plight of the Israelites); Call (Moses and the Burning Bush); Rescue (The crossing of the Red Sea); Hunger (Bread in the wilderness); Mountain (Mount Sinai).
The course is designed to be reasonably simple for those who are leading it; requiring minimal preparation. For more information on all the above click here to read it and to download the guidance notes or download our new app from the App Store or Google Play.

  • Bishop Philip’s course is complemented by this year’s Diocesan Lent devotional booklet (pictured) – also entitled ‘Journey to Freedom’. It’s also available on the app with enhanced content, including videos. More on that here.
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