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Collection Day For Buttons and Bows Gifts.

Collection Day was Monday 26th April 2021 from 9-00 am to 5-00 pm.

Report from Susan Rae

Well ladies I am so proud of you all and what we have achieved working together. Everyone free to do or not do, what we can, when we can. From simple squares or tiny baby hats to jumpers and knits in larger sizes that would fit boys and girls up to 13 or 14 years. When they are all put together it is very impressive.

The full day as it has evolved works so well. Thank you ladies for delivering your work as requested, it make everything flow so well. When the gifts arrive in bags with contents and contact details labelled on the outside, Howard records them and gives each one a number. The rest of the week was slowly sorting and boxing the items ready for distribution. The use of the tent/gazebo made life much easier.

Gifts have been collected already to start their journey to where- ever?


Krakow Poland——-Boxed and ready for posting.

Romania———Boxed and ready for posting.

Moldova———-Boxed and ready to post via Goods for Good

Fistula Hospital Ethiopia  

Gifts of Blankets and squares for Sally, (The Fistula Hospital, Ethiopia) All the squares have been passed on to Sally to be made up into blankets. It was decided by Sally herself that the beautiful complete blankets should be allowed to go where needed rather than being stored. As there was not a shipment going out until around December or January next year due to political unrest and covid regulations.

Neo Natal Unit Lancaster

Want the little hats but have to follow protocol.  They will tell me when to take them in.

A way into the Lancaster Refuge Centre, SafeNet was found, so they have a suitcase waiting to be collected along with other beautiful gifts. We were given nice, practically new clothes, that had been laundered, ironed and packed in a caring manner. These gifts will make those families feel good about receiving help this way. Second hand clothes in bags, were labelled and clearly marked so they could be kept separate, very important.

A large number of goods were taken to The Ripple Effect Morecambe. They were delighted to receive their donations along with a sewing machine that was going to be given to someone who could use it well.

The monetary gifts given were much appreciated and thank you everyone. These will enable us to get the boxes to their destination.

The foundations of our work have not changed, but they have been built upon. The Lord has certainly blessed your hands and confirmed His work. May the work of your hands bless many.

Thank you seems inadequate but it is sincere, with all our best wishes,

Howard and Susan Rae.

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