‘The more we listen the more we learn, The more we learn the more we grow, The more we grow the better we are.’
Dr Charles Anderson, President and CEO of the Dimock Centre
Founded in 1862 as the New England Hospital for Women and Children, the Dimock Center heals and uplifts individuals, families, and our community. Operating on a nine-acre campus in Roxbury, The Dimock Center serves communities in Boston and across the state, providing comprehensive, culturally-competent Health and Community Care, Behavioral Health Services, and Child and Family Services to more than 19,000 people annually.
As a PCC, we are looking at all the aspect of appointing a new Vicar, and we are anxious to know what the people of the parish think and feel about how we would like the parish to develop, and what are the challenges and opportunities for a new Vicar. If you would like to contribute to the discussions, please contact either of the Church Wardens or any member of the PCC.