As we are coming up the last 2 months of work, the contractors Lloyd and Smith are making good progress with all work hoping to be completed by the 15th July. Church still remains fully open for all services as well as being open during daylight hours.


Externally:  The valley gutter between the Nave and North Aisle roofs has been rebuilt in timber and lined with stainless steel. Reslating the Nave roof is almost complete with the North Aisle roof to follow.

Reslating the chancel roof is delayed until the internal work on the chancel trusses is complete.

The gutter between the Chancel and the Chapel is still outstanding


North Aisle: The timber treatment is complete, the plasterers will be on site next week to start the ceiling reinstatement.

Nave: The wall plate wood treatment is complete and ready for patch plastering

Chancel:  Only two of the roof truss end replacements are outstanding.

Chapel:  All of the ceiling timbers have been replaced.

Porch: The glass doors will be fitted in 2 weeks time. The outer doors will be automatic; the inner single door will be manual

We hope to do regular updates throughout the work. This will included regular Facebook posts, e-letters and
monthly reports. There is also more information about the roof project on our website.

You can also see the latest time lapse videos of the work being done by clicking here.

If you have any questions please message us through the Facebook page.