April 17th

We are now starting to return to “normal”.  However, things will never again be just as they were before and we need to not try to stay the same, but to go ahead.  Think of how things were never again the same for the disciples following on from the resurrection.  One thing that we now have that is new to us is currently eating outside at a café or a pub in Bolton-le-Sands.  The Royal Hotel did start with some outside eating in the garden behind the hotel last year.  However, during this last lockdown they have done more work outside so that now they can take a lot more people and have some of them in a roofed over area.   With being past most days along the canal bank, I have been able to look down on the changes, apart from the time when the towpath was closed for leak repairs.  I went along on Monday, the first day we could do so with Coronavirus restrictions easing and really enjoyed it sitting out in the sun for lunch.  Since then, I have been past a number of times.  Today, a very nice day,  there were a good number of people there and it was tempting to go down again.  Personally, I think that alfresco meals will tend to become a new normal.  We must always be prepared to go forwards and not just try to stay the same.

Best wishes to you all

Robert Swain