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The artist, Hui-Wen HSAIO, has used several motifs that highlight Taiwan’s best-known features to express how the Christian faith brings peace and a new vision to Taiwan.

The women in the painting are sitting by a stream, praying silently and looking up into the dark. Despite the uncertainty of the path ahead, they know that the salvation of Christ has come.

Two endangered species are featured: the Mikado pheasant and the Black-faced Spoonbill, which are both of unique significance to the Taiwanese people. The Mikado pheasant is endemic to mountainous regions of Taiwan and is usually regarded as one of Taiwan’s national birds. The Black-faced Spoonbill migrates thousands of miles every year to spend the winter in Taiwan. Their distinctiveness symbolizes a characteristic of the Taiwanese people—confidence and perseverance in times of difficulty.

The green grass and Phalaenopsis (Butterfly) orchids stand out against the dark background. They are the pride of Taiwan, which has a worldwide reputation as the “Kingdom of Orchids.” In recent decades, Taiwanese orchid’s exports have increased, and Butterfly orchids have frequently been featured in international competitions. This beautiful island is known by its rich natural resources. Green grass represents the Taiwanese as simple, confident, strong and under God’s care.

World day of Prayer is A women led, global, ecumenical movement.

Please keep England, Wales & Northern Ireland in your prayers

Informed Prayer; Prayerful Action: We encourage women to plan ecumenically for the World Day of Prayer, promoting prayerful living and worship for men, women and young people and helping raise awareness of the lives and concerns of others throughout the world, especially those who write the service.

Friday 3rd March, 2.00pm.  This year the service is being held in St Mary of the Angels, Bolton-le-Sands.

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